Posted by: tflana | May 26, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend – Summer really?

It is Sunday, cold and extremely windy.  Now for most sailors that are planning on cruising, their response to the weather would be let’s us stay at anchor, have an early sundowner, or damn, let’s go sailing.  Well, I am a little under the weather, so Brian is off to sail in 25 kt winds with a friend instead.  I will be slaving away at the blog and facebook page.  It all looks so easy until you start working the pages and then you are saying to yourself, what have I gotten myself into!

The good news / bad news of my day is I only have 16 more months of enjoying my garden.  I hope to get outside and make the gardens attractive areas for whoever buys the house next year to enjoy.  I am still trying to figure out the whole gardening thing on the boat, maybe a gimbled area for herbs?

Hopefully tonight I will upload the album from last month when the tried and true wheel came off of Scout and the original tiller was put in place.  There have been a few realizations since this occurred, including there is a good chance this 130 lb female athlete may have some difficulty controlling the tiller, but we will have the summer to figure this out before the boat is pulled in September.

Happy Memorial Day to everyone.




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