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A little more about Scout…

Scout is a 38 foot Pearson Invicta Yawl, serial number 21.  She was built in Bristol, RI in 1965 and is the last boat of this design built.  In all honesty, Scout is a mixture of 2 boats.  In 2005-06, Brian became the owner of Scout, she had recently been owned by the SeaScouts and really was not very well maintained, a lot of work for a lot of kids learning to sail.  But at this point, Brian found another Invicta that had run aground and was on the hard.  He kind of combined the best of the 2 boats, and Scout was officially born!

A yawl is a sailboat that has 2 masts, now there could be 2 types of boats with 2 masts, a yawl and a ketch.  It is a yawl if the steering is in front of the most back mast, the mizzen mast.  If the steering was behind the 2nd mast, it would be a ketch.

Brian has spent a lot of time looking into the other 19 Invicta’s that were built.  Within our boat club, Fayerweather Yacht Club in Bridgeport, Ct was another Invicta, Artemis, so that brings it down to 18 that Brian was in search for.  Well, we all know the term “It is a small world”.  When we chartered a boat to cruise the Abacos last March, we were sailing into our last port, Hope Town.  It was a very narrow channel with just barely enough water for our boat to come into the mooring field.  Brian was on the bow of the charter boat to stand watch, and help navigate, and I was behind the wheel steering our charter into the harbor.  So the wind picks up a little, the depth of the water is about 4 feet, and the next thing I know Brian is yelling at a boat as we pass it, almost like a giddy kid.  Well it turns out, we just sailed past ‘Burgoo’, serial number 3, which won the Newport-Bermuda race in 1964 in 80 hours, 50 minutes.  This time was the fastest time for the race until the modern-day 12 meter yachts began racing.  ‘Burgoo’ is really the famous sister of ‘Scout’.

This is Burgoo in Hope Town in March 2012.  This picture was taken from atop of the light house guarding the harbor.

This is Burgoo in Hope Town in March 2012. This picture was taken from atop of the light house guarding the harbor.

As our 2 days in this port progressed, we dingy stalked Burgoo in hopes of meeting the owner.  Luckily we had our chance, and he was kind enough to invite us aboard.  We were able to share some stories and see the trophy from the 1964 win.  Burgoo has been cruising around the Caribbean and is looking a little worse for wear, but is still the famous sister!

So as we continue our refit and cruising, we will always be on the lookout for another Invicta.  I am completely prejudiced but I still think Scout is still the prettiest sister!


  1. I am the proud owner of a 1962 Pearson Invicta. Original and current Name. Taboo. Home port Greenwich CT – any other information you have regarding this particular vessel would be greatly appreciated . I have been doing a total refit to the vessel , including a full re-core. Ready to set sail June 2018. Regards,

    • John,
      It is great to here from you. Which hull number is Taboo? As we have been cruising with Scout full time we have found many other Invictas, and the closest name to yours is Topaz which is hull #14, she had a taller mast than the standard 43’ mainmast and carried more ballast as well,and the last I knew she was in NY. Anyway we love our girl and has taken over 10k nautical miles in our adventures. In fact, our sister ship Desiree just crossed the Atlantic this summer to England.
      Brian stripped our boat to the hull and did a total refit in 2014 at Captains Cove in Bridgeport, CT, he did the decks are few years earlier.
      We are currently landlubbers in Montserrat until Feb 14th when we return to Scout as she awaits us in St Mary’s GA. I have all of the Invictas historical info on board and would be happy to share.

      Would love to see your boat if you have a picture and you can email me at

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