Posted by: tflana | May 5, 2014

I painted the bedroom and closets today…

What did you do today?  I spent a good portion of the day painting our future bedroom also known as the V-Berth.  Our master suite is the size of most people’s closet.  Where our heads hit the pillow it is about 10 feet and where I feet hit is about 3 feet.  We have an escape hatch above out heads but on a clear night with limited bugs, there is nothing better than watching the stars overhead. Okay, but I need to get back to the project.  Over the winter, I created new mattresses for the v-berth with foam mattresses purchased from  We will now have comfy memory foam mattresses personally created by me with an electric carving knife.  I learned how to save about $2000 from the Cruising forum.  Another cruising wife was kind enough to send me step by step instructions to create my own little heaven.  Over the past 3 years, I have been sleeping on the same foam mattresses encased in vinyl that were originally created in 1965 by the builder of our Pearson Invicta. My color palette is Brightside white and varnished teak.  The downfall of Brightside paint is that it is polyurethane based and the fumes make you (and me) a little loopy!  At one point today, I pushed Brian off of the steps so I could get out of the boat and out into fresh air before I passed out.

V-Berth - anchor locker farthest back through the 2 little doors.

V-Berth – anchor locker farthest back through the 2 little doors.

We will have 3 lockers (closets) under our mattresses.  I sanded and painted those as well.  The most forward locker is for the anchors and the many feet of chain and lines that will be used for numerous different anchoring situations.  But under our feet there is a space in the hull that will most likely be our liquor cabinet.  We were talking tonight and I can easily see a trip to the New Hampshire State Liquor Store to purchase 3 cases of Gin before we set sail.  This is where I will also make the plug for our SodaStream and the space-saving option of just taking along the syrup to make tonic.  This will give us bubbly tonic at all times as long as we have drinking water. Below our heads will be 2 lockers that will hold all of our food(and most likely the dog food/cookies as well).  If you were wondering how much non-perishable food we will be able to take with us well look at the space in the pictures, it will amount to the average persons kitchen cabinet, yes that is only one cabinet!

Side view of Brian's side of the V-Berth

Side view of Brian’s side of the V-Berth

Everything has one coat on it, but we really need to work on the ventilation a little to make us both keep the few brain cells we have intact happy!


Brian was busy over the past week as well.  He and Mike Whitman have been busily working on the toe rail, and it is amazing.  I can’t wait to get to it to varnish it!  I am the weird person who loves to sand and varnish.  Maybe my nitch in the islands when we need to make some money, sell my skill for a few more months worth of sailing.

Toe Rail looking from the bow

Toe Rail looking from the bow

Port Side Toe Rail

Port Side Toe Rail













The reefer box (the refrigerator) is pretty much done, we just need to borrow a battery to fire her up to make sure it can keep the beer cold!  His next project is to finish the head and then on to the navigation station.  It is getting closer.

My new refrigerator (the size of most dorm fridges)

My new refrigerator (the size of most dorm fridges)

Fridge and freezer

Fridge and freezer


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