Posted by: tflana | May 22, 2014

What is new!

Saturday evening sail with our friend Stephen W.

Saturday evening sail with our friend Stephen W.

Someone mentioned the other day that I had not written anything recently, and this is completely true, but sometimes you just need to live a little to be able to write a little!

Brian has been busy working on all of the big projects, and those I will unveil as they are completed with a start to finish post. The head has been redesigned, we have refrigeration, the new toe rail is almost complete, new chain plates are in place with the covers done. He is working on the electrical for the navigation lights next so we can install the bow pulpit and stern rail this weekend. When these projects are being worked on, I am usually in the way. So I do a bunch of the little behind the scene things that don’t seem like much until the projects are done.

This week I sanded and painted the bottom of our O’Day Javelin boat “Calpurnia” so we can have a boat on the mooring for the holiday weekend. Finished it tonight, and yes I have blue bottom paint spattered in my hair and arms. If the weather forecast stands, the baby boat should be launched on Sunday morning!

Varnished Handrails

All newly painted and ready to go back on boat

All newly painted and ready to go back on boat

I have been unofficially named the painter and varnisher of this team! All of the handrails have been sanded and varnished with 5 coats of Spar Varnish, the wash boards are done, the Mast Spreaders are also done. And they look pretty darn good! It looks like I will be moving onto the toe rail this weekend as well! Scout is going to look amazing with this custom woodwork job by Mike Whitman from Monroe Boat Works, just gorgeous!

Finished port light and V-Berth Curtains

Finished port light and V-Berth Curtains

I realize I am about 2 months from needing curtains for the portlights and to close off the V-Birth but today I decided my energy would be best spent finish this sewing project. They came out great! Sunbrella on one side and a beautiful blue/purple peacock feather design on the other! A little fun inside a very small living space! Once the tracks are put up in the boat, this project will be checked off of the list!

Now the big news! Our house is under contract for sale and we are technically homeless as of September 2nd! There is a lot of stress and pressure now to get everything done. 103 days until we need to be out of the house, YIKES! That puts it to 132 days before we want to set sail. I feel so peaceful finally because it is a reality now and no longer a far off dream. I am so excited for the challenges and the time to spend with Brian full time to experience life. The stress we live will be the stress we chose not what is chosen for us! Here is hoping we are singing tropical christmas carols in December!

I promise to post some pictures this weekend of some fun sailing time, maybe even Pickles maiden voyage! And of course, Phinneus’ swimming lessons may begin this weekend too!

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