Posted by: tflana | July 31, 2014

So many changes in such a short time…

Scout - 2013
As I sit here at the folding table serving us as a dining room table, I am amazed as to how many changes are occurring this week.

First and foremost, our house is sold! The papers were signed on Tuesday so we are no longer homeowners. The young man who bought the house is renting it to us for another month to give us a chance to finish Scout’s refit in comfort. But as of September 2nd we are living aboard.

Yesterday was the day when Brian said that we could take off all of the construction tools and materials from the boat and load up things we need to live with (like drawers and doors!). I am finishing the last sewing project for the boat and buying the appropriate storage containers to keep as much as possible dry.

Tomorrow is my last day at the job I have held for the past 3 1/2 years. I have managed High Ridge Animal Hospital in Stamford, CT and have had such a great experience. Every time I talk to a client about leaving my chest tightens. When you work at an animal hospital, every day ties you to so many families lives through happy and very sad times. It will be hard not seeing these people daily. And as for my staff, I could never ask for a more fun group of people, they have had my back since I started and I hope I have returned the favor as much as possible. Love those guys.

In the next month, I need to wrap up our personal life in Connecticut, get the boat ready for a major adventure, make sure the dogs are packed and ready for their major change in home life, and if needed, find a short term land base to live for an extra week or two because we are in hurricane season you know!

Happy days to come with so many adventures ahead of us it makes our heads spin!


  1. Sending all best wishes for safe and happy travels! We thank you again for your kindness during our recent loss.
    Aimee and Neil Harrison

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