Posted by: tflana | September 30, 2014

2 Days left to go!

Scout under sail on Saturday, September 27, 2014

Scout under sail on Saturday, September 27, 2014

As I sit at the computer this morning, I realize at sundown tonight, Brian and I will be officially liveaboards! It has been a long road to get here and there are still many obstacles ahead of us, but we made it. Most couples who set out to liveaboard and cruise never make it because it requires a lot of hard work and stress to get to this point, and lets face it, most relationships can’t handle daily stress let alone giving up all of your belongings, spending a ton of money on a boat without a promise it will work out, and living in a very small environment with another person and 2 dogs! But we did it.

We just want the adventure to begin, we don’t want to plan anymore or live off of one of my favorite lists! Hopefully for me, the last list that I make is the one sitting next to me now that we need to complete before leaving our last home base this afternoon. Of course, the worst item on the list is a visit to the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles to pass in the plates to our last car! Yeah!

Yesterday, we fixed 2 major issues on the boat: The autopilot and the cabin heater. We can now have the boat steer for us on long sails and if it gets cold on our trip south, Pickles and I will not freeze.

We have had some great practice sails with the dogs and it has minimized my stress knowing how well both dogs handled the boat while underway. We will all need to make adjustments but I think it will be doable.

Phinneus finally tiring himself out on Saturday's sail

Phinneus finally tiring himself out on Saturday’s sail

Pickles loving the sun and sea

Pickles loving the sun and sea

Brian was impressed with Pickles because while we were out on Long Island Sound, she sat up and focused intently on the oncoming Ferry Boat. She even barked a deep bark at it like she was warning us of the oncoming vessel. Let’s hope she will do this during a foggy day or night sail. She may earn her keep after all.

Lots to do today, and tomorrow I am a liveaboard! No more talking about it, we will be doing it! Next stop, City Island, NY.


  1. geez…be careful, you two…go with God!

  2. Brian & Tara – I wish both of you the adventure of a lifetime, safe sailing, warm waters and everything wonderful life has to offer. My ‘little’ bro – you have always amazed me – while we never really grew up together you have always had a special place in my heart. I watched you surpass one challenge after another, none of your own doing, yet never bitter nor self pitying, you moved on to became the man you are today. I am so happy for you in pursuit of your dream. You’ve found a true soulmate in Tara who gives me comfort in knowing you have each other and share in this life. I know JP is smiling down on you as you embark on this adventure! Take care. Be well. Love Dee (aka The Matriarch!)

    I hold you to your promise to sail around and get me after LA succumbs to the Big One!

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