Posted by: tflana | October 23, 2014

Weather Issues

It has been a very windy past few days here in Solomon Island. We opted to stay on anchor for another night and sail to Deltaville, VA in the morning – about a 10 hour sail if all goes well. We need to be in Hampton, VA to meet up with the Snowbird Rally on Tuesday, which should not be a problem if the forecast holds true.

Common sense is what keeps you safe on the water. It is confining at times when the boat is on anchor and the wind is howling at 25 knots and major downpoors through the day. But this was an on line article I read this morning regarding a Coast Guard rescue yesterday where we are going to be heading tomorrow.

I realize our friends and family in MA are being hit pretty hard with the storm we finished with last night, hope everyone is safe.  We spent most of last night waking up every hour to make sure we were not dragging anchor, nor were our neighbors.  But all was good.

Spent my morning walking for groceries and mailing off our failing depth sounder to be repaired.  Sent Brian to West Marine to find an alternative depth finder before we leave tomorrow.  I really, really do not want to go aground a third time!

Well that is about it – short and sweet today and lacking new pictures – our surroundings are about the same as the past few days, and Brian says I am taking too many pictures of the dogs!  Oh well, maybe just one more!

Pickles sunbathing

Pickles sunbathing

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