Posted by: tflana | October 30, 2014

Tuesday in Hampton

It was a lazy kind of afternoon here in Hampton.  Brian wanted to take the dinghy “Boo Radley” out for a sail while the dogs and I kind of slumbered in the sun.  We all enjoyed out time out!

Boo4 Boo3 Boo1 Boo Boo2

Then of course, Brian had another Pearson Invicta admirer stop to discuss the history of the boat.  This is when Brian is the happiest.  The good news is that both of us have gotten numerous compliments on the paint job of the hull, most think it was professionally sprayed on!  Yeah, team Flanagan for getting the job done right over the summer!

As the afternoon progressed, the dog end of the dock started meeting and talking.  Then it ran into cocktail hour on the dock.  Everyone improvised on appetizers and brought their own drinks.  A great time getting to know everyone.  The dogs also had their first playgroup in the dog park to get over the territorial barking.  Even Phinneus joined in without incidence.  I think I was more freaked out letting him off lead and not sure if the big dogs were going to eat him because he is a butthead!  All went well, they are still barking this morning but not as bad.

Cocktails2 Cocktails Cocktails4

Our goal today is to take the dingy across the river to the liquor and grocery store to make the big provision.  It will allow us to bring back more than we can on the bikes, and yes, the gin is running low!


  1. Yo

    Looks like your all having fun. I love the dingy sailing.

    Cheers, Ken & Abbie

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