Posted by: tflana | November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween

It has been a busy past few days, getting to know everyone in the Snowbird ICW rally, get the boats ready for the trip and to make sure we are enjoying ourselves along the way.

On Thursday, the dockmaster here at Hampton Public Pier dove under Scout to see what our centerboard problem really was, turns out there was a small stone wedged between the hull and the centerboard.  Once he got the stone loose, the centerboard dropped back into position and it is working once again.  Great news for us and even better news was the financial benefits of it being just a small stone.

Jake, the diver, coming up with the good news that our bottom looks good and only a small rock was the cause of the centerboard problem.

Jake, the diver, coming up with the good news that our bottom looks good and only a small rock was the cause of the centerboard problem.

Thursday was a busy day for all of us provisioning the boats, and no worries, we were able to carry a case of gin back with us in the dinghy when we went to the grocery store.  Boo Radley was sitting very low in the water for the return trip however.

The Seven Seas Cruising Association’s local chapter hosted a Wine and Cheese reception for us at Sunset Marina.  A another fun time, food and drink.  Again, Brian and I had a chance to get to know the people we will be sailing with for the next 6 weeks.  When we came back to the boat, Brian stayed out to play cards with a few Canadians.  When he came back in that night, he was trying to explain the rules of the game to me and I realized Brian is not a good card player and it is even worse if it is a game from another country.  I feel bad for whoever is partner was because Brian put his heart into playing the game but never really understood the rules!

SSCA Reception at Sunset Marina in Hampton, VA

SSCA Reception at Sunset Marina in Hampton, VA

wine and cheese1

The entire Snowbird ICW rally had their first skipper meeting yesterday afternoon.  Yep, it is a pretty good bet that my anxiety level is back up after the leaders explained the lock system for this weekends leg of the trip.  There are 2 locks in the Dismal Swamp section of the ICW, which will take us from Virginia into North Carolina.  If all goes well, we will be in NC on Monday.  Look for a post in the next few days of me freaking out in a lock with 16 other boats!  Should be interesting.

In our rally we have 7 dogs and a 7 year old boy travelling with us.  Connor is from the boat Akula, and is really just a great young man.  However, trick or treating poses a whole new dilemma while living on a boat. After a quick email exchange, the cruisers raided their pantries and had Connor trick or treat along the dock.  It was a blast, Connor was a zombie who ended up with more candy (next dockside cocktail party will have candy as an appetizer).  Some of the adults got into their pirate costumes to accompany Connor along the way, and yes, he was even able to carve a pumpkin as well yesterday.  It is going to be hard there to be only 1 little person along for the ride, but basically, he now has 15 more sets of grandparents.

Connor as the boat side zombie

Connor as the boat side zombie

All jack o'lanterns should be carved so well

All jack o’lanterns should be carved so well

There are pirates among us

There are pirates among us

Late last night we had a knock on the hull, and Brian went up to talk to Wally, the rally leader.  Turns out the weather is going to turn to the worse Saturday night.  To the point where he is advising none of us to anchor out in the Dismal Swamp.  The original plan was a short trip on Saturday, drop anchor and do our first lock early Sunday morning.  After a whole lot of discussion with the leaders and The North Carolina Visitors Center, we will go through both locks on our first day, and all 20 boats will tie up at one of the docks farther down the swamp.  I was hoping for a quiet night on anchor after so much activity this past week, but guess not.  It looks like we will be rafting up with 2 or 3 boats at each bulkhead for Saturday night during the forecasted 30-40 mph winds.  Bad news for the dogs, the foul weather gear is coming out again this morning.

I have inserted a link for more information of the Inter Coastal Waterway if anyone is interested in where we will be for the next 6 weeks.

On to our next adventure!


  1. Connor must be a very special young man, very nice costumes by the way! Safe travels and I will be thinking of you all. Glad you are having a good time meeting everyone, have Brian practice up on his card playing, lol. Take care!

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