Posted by: tflana | January 17, 2015

Off to Bimini

We are all ready to start the Bahamas leg of our adventure.nthe weather is cooperating for us to make the crossing tomorrow. Today we are finishing up a few last items, bank, topping off the water tanks, getting fresh fruit and veggies and then this afternoon,we had to our staging area.

there will be 3-4 buddy boats crossing with us, so hopefully greater success in numbers. The goal is to anchor off Cape Florida tonight (this is the point at Key Biscayne), and pull-up anchor at 4 am tomorrow.  If all goes well, we should be entering the Alicetown Channel around 2pm.  We will have to clear into customs and then we wait to do another day sail to Chubb Cay.  From there, we go around New Providence Island, then into the Exumas.  Technically, this is 4 day sails but based on weather it could take 7-10 days.

Brian and I wwill be off the electronic grid until we can find some wifi hotspots in the islands, so just assume we are having a blast and all is well.


  1. Good luck, smooth sailing….enjoy

  2. WOO-HOO!!!!! Have a blast…(and try to keep Butthead out of trouble!!!)

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