Posted by: tflana | November 21, 2015

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We left South Myrtle Beach on Friday, November 13th heading south again.  We always love Osprey Marina but we know we could easily be convinced never to leave this marina, but move on we must!

This past week we spent another 5 days in Beaufort, SC.  Our goal had been to wait for a perfect weather window so we could bump out from here to St. Mary’s inlet to celebrate Thanksgiving with over 100 cruising boats.  Unfortunately, the weather would not cooperate.  Scout is now heading south on the Georgia ICW, yikes!  We can do it and see some pretty vistas!

Through it all, the canine crew has taken it in stride!  On a daily basis they make us smile, laugh and grimace all within a 5 minute period.  We have sat through numerous sunrises and sunsets, but both dogs will agree it is sooooo much better than last year.  We are at anchor in Savannah Georgia with 60-75 degree weather, no ice on the deck. No one should complain, but Phinneus will because he can!

Tonight we are anchored in Thunderbolt, GA and we all got to enjoy a steak and potatoes, the captain and crew are very happy and sleepy!  I take endless pictures of the dogs because they are just darn cute and very entertaining but after a while even I realize they all begin to look the same!


Every once in awhile Brian gives in to Pickles and holds her while underway. Pickles really is a perfect cruising dog. She brings comfort and laughter to Scout on a daily basis

Hopefully, we can celebrate Thanksgiving with old and new friends but if not, rest assured, Phinneus and Pickles will be part of it!

Happy sailing and have a dream that you can live in!




  1. Hi,
    My name is Joshua, I was a member of the sea scouts ship 101, and sailed on Scout (then Thor’s Hammer) for 4 years in high school till about 2003. She is an amazing boat, and It makes me incredibly happy to see how well cared for and active she is after all these years. I just wanted to say good luck on your adventure South, and should you ever venture North again, I skipper the Evangeline, a Bristol 38.8 (a distant cousin of the Invicta) and would be thrilled to rendezvous and see her sailing again.



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