Posted by: tflana | June 3, 2018

Manchester by the Sea

June 2, 2018 Groceries and Work

Today our plan was to go to Manchester by the Sea to get groceries because the forecast is making it look like the wind and sea won’t be very promising again until next weekend. So off we went to the beach with our backpacks and thermal bags to start our morning’s adventure. It was my turn to drive the Mako and to get used to it, the most horsepower I am used to is my dinghy engine at 6.5 hp, now we are controlling a 150 hp engine, just a little different. I am used to traveling on our sailboat, Scout which even on her good days can barely get over 6 mph, yes, it will be an adjustment. The trip into town was on glass like water, it really could not have been nicer, there were even warm air patches as we powered over there. I am sure to Brian’s shock, I got Radio Waves up to 19 mph and docked her like a pro!


Tara all smiles captaining Radio Waves into town

Manchester by the Sea is a cute little town with many architectural details, the wind vanes are works of art. I need to remember to bring my real camera with me next time to get better shots, but we saw a fire engine and schooner wind vane with such detail. We spent a few minutes walking around the town and seeing what was there, we found the ice cream shop but were a couple of hours early for their opening.

Our day of work continued, the goal was to finish up all the grass trimming in the yard and to get a first pass on all the trails. Down to the beach with the push mower for me and Brian tackled the weed whacker. By lunch, I thought I had all the trails cut, but it turns out I missed a good portion of the Captain Blackman Trail. I only realized this when I went to hang up the trail signs and realized I needed to go spend another hour on this trail and cleared area! Brian finished up the trimming and by 3pm, the only thing we could think of is a hot shower.


We did spend a relaxing few hours reading and getting dinner ready. One of the best parts of this cottage is there is not a bad room with a view, everywhere you look there is something to watch. As I am typing this post, there are goldfinches flying around the honeysuckle bushes. We walked down to the beach for sunset and a little sea glass hunting for me and treasures of all sorts for Brian. So far, the sunsets are nothing to write home about, ok, I am writing about them, but the low cloud cover isn’t giving us much to oooh and aaah about.

When we came back to the house, we met our first islanders/neighbors, Larry, Maura and a goofy chocolate lab, Marty. They came over to introduce themselves and let us know if we needed anything to come on over, I loved the hospitality.
Now is the time for a small history lesson about Baker’s Island: Who is Ma & Pa Baker? In 1815, a small octagonal tower was built on Bakers Island, and then a round tower was added in 1820, this round tower was taller than the original one built. This led to naming the towers Ma (the shorter) and Pa (the taller) Baker. Both towers remained in service until 1926, when Ma Baker was removed.


Ma Baker as it stood in this picture from 1925

Ma Baker Sign

The site where Ma Baker stood until 1926

Another busy day, and we are happily tired. We are starting a list of small projects we can get done over the next 2 months, and we even started a rainy-day list to work on this coming week. The one thing people come to realize about Brian and I is we never like to sit still for long!


Sunset at 8:15pm

Low tide: 8:33am
High tide: 2:48pm
Sunrise: 5:08am
Sunset: 8:15pm
Manhours worked today: 10
Total manhours worked: 24

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