Posted by: tflana | June 4, 2018

June 3, 2018

Our normal Sunday morning routine is for Brian to sleep in while I drink most of the pot of coffee.  He wakes up and makes breakfast for Pickles and me, today was no different.  Sunday breakfast always has bacon involved because Pickles LOVES bacon, next to steak it is her favorite food.  She lovingly watches Brian cook just waiting for her sample piece. As a dog, Pickles lives the large life, she gets to be with us 24/7, cruises on our boat with us to warm beaches, and for the past two summers, she has ruled her island kingdoms.

Surf is picking up

The surf is picking up with swells around 4 feet from a northeast wind

After breakfast, we had a list with a bunch of little jobs to get done.  We know the forecast is for rain over the next few days, so all inside jobs will be saved until then.  Not to bore everyone with all the fun stuff we did, here is a quick list:

  • Lube the John Deer lawn tractor, steering was getting difficult
  • Straighten up the Post & Rail fence posts and replace the missing rail
  • Make a new landing step for the Keeper’s Cottage
  • Paint all the trail sign posts green
  • Install the new piston mechanism on the Assistant Keeper’s Cottage storm door
  • Dig and install the lower sign near the beach for the Captain Chapman’s Trail
  • Weed the front gardens for the Keepers Cottage, dig up some iris tubers and plant in the front garden
  • Finish planting some plants left by the volunteers
  • Pull out the wood chipper from the Oil House and learn how to use it, future project!

It may not seem like a lot of work, but it is inevitable the tool you need is always on the other side of the compound from where you are working.  By the 3rd trip around the place, I just started filling up the cart and carrying everything I think I may need with me!

Swallow nest 5 eggs

A nest with 5 eggs the size of jelly beans found in the weeds.


In the afternoon, we did just spend a little downtime on the front porch reading and watching the scenery.  It is the warmest room in the house on a sunny day and by 3pm, the temperatures had dropped into the low 60’s and the NE wind was howling.  I also must share with you my new indulgence, the new flavors of M & M’s.  I have a sweet tooth and Brian is anything salty, but when I went to town yesterday, I found Caramel M & M’s and Coffee Nut M & M’s, wow are they delicious.  It is a good thing I ended up walking so much today because these little treats are going to be my downfall.

Baker’s Island History Moment:The Oil House

The Oil House is a stone structure located a fair distance from the tower and keeper’s cottages, this was intentional.  The Oil House was where the oil to keep the lens lit was stored.  In the early to mid-1800’s the oil used was most likely whale oil, and like most lighthouses, in the 1870’s the fuel source was switched to kerosene.  Most of the fuels used were highly combustible and needed to be stored as far away from the navigational aid as possible, there was no fire suppression on the islands.  Each keeper would need to make sure there was enough fuel for their shift in the lighthouse.  If you visit the lighthouse, there are 2 indents in the ground level walls.  This is where the day’s oil would be stored in either bladders or drums.  In the middle of the winter, the last thing a keeper wanted to do was to walk down to the Oil House in the dark because he ran out of oil for the lense.  The island certainly had a ready source of rocks to build this building, if you look closely to the walls, the rocks are like the ones you land on at the beach.

Low tide:  9:15am

High tide:  3:30pm

Sunrise:  5:08am

Sunset:  8:16pm

Manhours worked today: 11

Total manhours worked:  35

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