Posted by: tflana | June 5, 2018

A Cold and Stormy Day

June 4, 2018

Today was one of those days when you start to wonder how the year-round lighthouse keepers stayed warm and sane on the island in the winter.  The high temperature today never made it past 52 degrees (felt like 47 with the wind chill) and it was just wet and miserable outside.  The seagulls even were hanging out behind the cottage to get out of the wind.  The good news is Brian and I are used to this either while on an island or our boat, you always make sure you have indoor projects to work on or you have a book to read in front of the heater.  Yes, there is a heater in the living room and it is the perfect place for Ms. Pickles to hang out in her bed while I knit.


No blue sky image today, just wet and grey


The propane heater in the living room

Brian spent most of his day working on the water pressure tank, so the hot water would last longer than a minute or two in the shower.  After spending last night on YouTube and Google, he figured out why the hot water would stop flowing based on the pressure reading on the water tank gauges. After his hours of work in the basement, it appears the hot water will last much longer while taking a shower. Brian made a few trips down to the beach to ensure the Mako and dinghy were riding out the storm well, and all was good.  The waves rolling past the beach are about 5 feet with 10-15 second period in between, not the most hospitable for having to go out on the water.

While he was at work, I made homemade chicken soup for dinner, the perfect meal for a cold, grey day. It was a lazy day for me, I worked on some of my office work, swept the cottage and continued on knitting a scarf I started this winter and didn’t get around to finishing it.  When it is cold like today, I tend to think more knitted mittens and scarfs instead of the summer top I was planning on starting while out here.  There are still 7 weeks left of our stay here, maybe I will get a few projects completed.

Tomorrow is supposed to be dry and still cool, looks like we will be down at the beach raking it level in spots and we will start laying down the wooden walkway to make it easier for visitors to get to the trail once they land on the beach.

Baker’s Island History Moment:

The first mariner beacon on Baker’s Island was a 57-foot conical tower painted red and was first lit in 1791 because many merchant ships were destroyed on the ledges and shoals surrounding the island which sits about 5 miles from Salem Harbor.  George Washington commissioned a permanent structure on the island in 1796 and construction was completed, and the light was lit for the first time on January 3, 1798 in the twin towers.

Low tide:  9:59am

High tide:  4:16pm

Sunrise:  5:07am

Sunset:  8:16pm

Manhours worked today: 5

Total manhours worked:  40

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