Posted by: tflana | June 6, 2018

Moving the Rocks that Mother Nature Left Behind

Today’s goal was to figure out how the wooden ramps should be placed on the beach to allow an easier walk for the visitors to the lighthouse. To say the beach is rocky is an understatement, in fact when the waves come to shore in makes almost a xylophone sound as the rocks get caught up in the waves. The biggest problem with the rocks is they are so smooth and round as you walk on them, they cave in or slide down the slope to the water, not the safest for visitors to the island. On our arrival to the beach the first day here, it was explained how they did it last year and we had 2 pictures to follow as a guideline, but it was still a lot of guess work to get the job done.


The start of the walkway project trying to figure out where everything goes

Brian and I always come into a project with different options of getting the job done but we always seem to have a hard time explaining to the other the exact way we want to get something done. The walkway was no different, but as we work together for a while, we realize both of our ideas were close to each other’s. There was a lot of rock moving to try to get an even path and of course, there were many ruined lobster traps mixed into the rocks and they needed to be moved. We needed a pry bar, a sharp knife and a lot sweat to get the mangled pile of traps out of the way, but it is done.


The pile of washed ashore lobster traps exactly where the walkway needs to go

When we were halfway done, I kept hearing this chirping noise somewhere below us on the beach, I kept looking and trying to figure out what was making it. After about 10 minutes of looking, I finally found a newly hatched duckling trying to get up the rock slope. Earlier in the morning, I saw a duck and her babes walking along the grassy area above the beach and I guess, it got left behind. I was able to scope it up and carry up to where I saw the mom duck last. After 30 years in veterinary medicine, I know you can’t save everything, but you can try. Hopefully, the ducklings chirping will attract the mom duck back, I like to think most stories have a Disney ending.

We finished the walkway by 3pm and were absolutely beat. We decided if the walkway isn’t exactly right, we can readjust it on Friday when the volunteers come out. The afternoon was for reading on the front porch and laughing at Pickles as she was running around the front yard. It is the simple things that keep us happy.

Low tide: 10:45am
High tide: 5:05pm
Sunrise: 5:06am
Sunset: 8:16pm
Man hours worked today: 13
Total manhours worked: 53

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