Posted by: tflana | June 7, 2018

Surf is Still Up

Lighthouse with flagWe thought today would have been a good day to go to the mainland for groceries and laundry, but the surf is still rolling & crashing on the beach.  Plans are meant to be changed and so we did.  We started out with a list of small items we thought would be an easy half day because we thought we would be off island for the morning.  As we worked down the list, I realized the lawn really needed to be cut again so the day turned out completely different than what we thought.

Brian spent some more time on the pressure pump for the water and discussing options with the Director’s husband to see if there could be any simple improvements on the hot water in the shower.  Neither one of us are shower hogs, usually we need about 4 minutes of hot water each, but it seems like we are just barely getting 3 minutes, now granted, I am smaller, and I take the first shower, I don’t have much to complain about, but Brian hasn’t finished up his showers with this much cold water since his teens!  The next fix involves a bike pump which we will bring back ours to the island on our next day off.  Stay tuned for the latest update on whether Brian gets a full hot shower, or he finally realizes he should always get the first shower.

We started out getting the missing clapboards replaced on the Keeper cottage, now we just need to paint them. Next up, we installed the treads on the ramp this morning, hopefully this will give out guests the traction they need walking up to the wooden walkway. A side note to making frequent trips to the beach, the first seagull nest I saw on Baker’s was a herring gull nest along the path to the beach.  When we walked to the beach in the morning, the adult seagull was guarding the nest of 3 eggs, I always look to see if any hatched.  When we walked back to the beach after lunch to finish up, the eggs were all gone, not a sign of any shell or baby and the adult was gone.  There is some mammal on this island eating the eggs, not sure if it is a visiting dog or maybe a muskrat, but our walk to the beach is going to be a little less exciting.  Again, I know seagulls are a pest to most, but I have come to enjoy this time of year with the hatchlings, and it does upset me that this happened.

Tara on the Tractor

Tara riding her big green tractor

The rest of the day, Brian weedwacked the trails and I rode the tractor cutting the lawn.  It is amazing how long it takes to get it all done.  By 4:30p, we called it a day.  Maybe tomorrow we will get to the mainland, but it will be a wait and see based on the surf at the beach.  We are still trying to figure out how the water interacts with the island to make a safe beach landing.

A Cat Ketch on Wednesday Race Night

A Freedom Cat Ketch racing as part of the Wednesday Race series.

The view from the porch

The view from our front porch

The evening found us again sitting on the front porch reading and catching up with some friends.  It was also Wednesday Race Night for the local yacht clubs and one of the marks off the beach must have been part of tonight’s course because we were treated to a few sailboats passing us by.

Brian had the honors of taking the flag down at sunset and getting a few good sunset shots after all.

Low tide:  11:34am

High tide:  5:54pm

Sunrise:  5:06am

Sunset:  8:17pm

Man hours worked today:  14

Total man hours worked: 67


  1. You are going to keep these post up all summer I hope, I am enjoying them. I need baby bird pictures so I think you need to guard the nest next time laugh out loud. Keep having fun, miss ya

    • Baby seagull pictures tomorrow morning, stay tuned

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