Posted by: tflana | June 8, 2018

A Quick Trip to Salem


This mornings sunrise was the first one since arriving to the island with spectacular colors. As Pickles ran around the yard, I was able to take pictures of Pa Baker and other angles to get some pretty shots. It appeared the winds and seas had settled enough for us to make a quick trip to Salem for laundry and groceries. It isn’t the 5-mile trip itself that is the issue but landing the aluminum dinghy back on the beach when there is surf, someone or something is going to get wet!


Once we had our coffees in hand, and bags ready, off to the beach we went. It was easy to get out to the Mako on the mooring, but landing may pose a problem on our return. It was a quick trip to Salem Willows Yacht Club and were able to tie up at the dock for the short time we were going into town. Laundry was first on the agenda, we travel light and were running low on presentable clothing. Once it was started in the machines, we walked to Derby Joe’s for breakfast sandwiches and they were delicious. This will become a ritual for us on laundry days. The owner serves his sandwiches on a bialy which is a polish bagel with onions and cheese in the dough, turns out he imports them from Toronto to get an authentic bialy. I need to figure out how to make these for the future back on the boat. Once laundry was done, off to the grocery store. With all errands complete, we were heading back home in less than 3 hours. The winds were predicted to pick up midday and our goal was to be safely on the beach before that happened.


The rest of the day was finishing up some chores on the to do list. I needed to make wire cages for all the plantings I put in along the trails, Brian wanted to make a better space to keep the dinghy on the beach, and we had one more sign to put up. Once I finished my list, I went exploring looking for more seagull nests and maybe if I was lucky, a few hatchlings. I got to see both, there really is nothing cuter than seagull babies. Their freckles match the freckles on the egg shells. Turns out I was able to find some almost whole shells near a nest, nothing like returning with treasures. Last year while on Seguin Island, when on the beach, we would look for wishing rocks. A wishing rock is a rock with a different color encircling the entire rock, usually a different type of rock all together. I found one on the beach today and it was gorgeous, and yes, I made a wish.


Hatched Seagull

A few day old hatchling

It was another evening on the front porch watching the sailboat races and the sunset. This will never get old!


High tide: 6:09am
Low tide: 12:23pm
Sunrise: 5:05am
Sunset: 8:17pm
Man hours worked today: 6
Total man hours worked: 73

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