Posted by: tflana | June 10, 2018

A Day Off

Brian and I decided today was going to be a day off for us, no work on projects, no to do lists, just fun in Salem. Ok, really, I always need a list even on our days off island. We had plenty of errands to run for the island as well as a small amount of personal shopping, and a list was the only thing that keeps us organized.
As the coffee was brewing, we started a friendly bet regarding the engine size on the Mako, ‘Radio Waves’. Brian insisted it was 150hp and I kept coming back with it is 115hp, the only way we were going to settle the argument is with putting wagers on the table and head out to the beach for verification. If I won, Brian had to cook dinner for me with no assistance whatsoever from me, and if he is right, he wanted homemade pepperoni pizza. I love it when I know I am right and am going to win hands down, but there was no sense in arguing with him until I could prove the horsepower when we climbed on Radio Waves.
It was time to load up our bags, get the empty propane tanks into the cart and head out on our adventure. We were loaded and off for Salem by 8:30a and Brian finally had to acknowledge I was getting a great dinner tonight! We really didn’t have much of a plan to see the sights, we just wanted to drive around a little, get some lunch, maybe some ice cream and head back to the island by 3ish. What we did learn was a Saturday in Salem on a sunny day is not the best choice for a day off, parking was at a premium and we spent more time finding a parking space down town than we did finally eating lunch at the Scratch Kitchen. Lunch was great, people watching was fun, the ice cream place was too far away in the opposite direction of parking to get dessert, so we will try again next time. Brian ordered a beer with lunch, we are not beer connoisseurs in anyway, he usually just randomly picks one and the funny thing is it was brewed in his hometown of Stratford, CT.

Beer from Brian's Home town

Beer from Brian’s Home Town Stratford, CT

We arrived back the Salem Willows Yacht Club with all our purchases and realized there is no easy way to park and unload the van at the club entrance. Everything needs to be moved by a dock cart from the private parking area along the parks paths to the club entrance. This may not seem like a big deal, but we had 3 full propane tanks, 2 pieces of window glass, flowers, wood to work on the front porch and groceries. We finally decided I would get the launch out to Radio Waves and bring her to the dock by myself and Brian would get all the stuff to the dock for quick loading. This may not seem like a big deal to most people, but I have never docked a boat bigger than a dinghy by myself. The guys on the launch offered to help with a chuckle, but I said no problem, I got this! So yes, I dropped the mooring and docked like I actually knew what I was doing and arrived there before Brian got everything unloaded!
We were true to our word of taking the day off. When we got back to the island we just goofed off until it was dinner time, and I continued to relax while Brian lovingly prepared my favorite dish of his, stuffed pork chops.


As we were sitting on the porch after dinner, the sun was setting, and a schooner was sailing out of Salem Harbor. I grabbed our AIS (Automatic Identification System) program and the schooner was identified as ‘When and If’. Brian remembered that name from something he read on George Patton and sure enough, When and If was George Patton’s boat when he was just a colonel. When he left to fight in WWII, he named his vessel When and If because he told his wife, when and if he came back from the war, he wanted to sail the world with her. The vessel now sails out of Salem Harbor as a tourist boat.

When and If

When and If sailing out of Salem Harbor

AIS When and If

The AIS program that lets us identify the different boats around the island


High tide: 7:56am
Low tide: 2:06pm
Sunrise: 5:05am
Sunset: 8:19pm
Man hours worked today: 0
Total man hours worked: 77


  1. It is so great to find you guys back on the air, and embarked on another adventure. Seguin Island is one of my favorite places, and as a kid I used to watch the Coast Guard seaplanes take off from Salem from my grandparents’ house on Peaches Point in Marblehead. We could see Bakers Island from the porch. You won’t remember, but my wife and I encountered you in Solomons, MD in the fall of 2014 on board your lovely “Scout,” as we both headed south down the ICW. I remember thinking what a great job you had done and how beautiful she looked.

    I hope your summer goes really well and look forward to following along.


    Art Watson
    Washington, DC

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