Posted by: tflana | June 11, 2018

The Keepers Porch Makeover

We arrived back on island yesterday with the wood and glass needed to start the Keeper’s Cottage makeover, and it needed it. When the volunteers were out on Friday, they started the paint scraping job to unveil a lot of wood rot, mostly the trim pieces and sills of the windows. The carpentry shop was set up in the front yard by using the new ATV and its tow cart. So much easier than pulling around a dock cart but it probably was overkill, but it was fun!


The ATV to help transport supplies from the beach to the houses

It was an early morning start because we knew there was many days work ahead of us. Our goal today was to put up all the new wood, get all the porch windows to open, and to have all the old wood scraped and sanded. As we were moving along, we found a few more pieces under the windows rotted as well, so we improvised with the wood on hand to replace these pieces as well. As Brian was working on getting all the windows to open, one window had a lot of rot on the bottom rail, it looks like he will need to create some sort of corner brackets to repair it, now on the list for Monday to fix. I got all the wood scraped and sanded, now ready for the primer tomorrow. There are 2 small pieces still to be replaced but it will get done.




The porch at break time, a gorgeous day for working.


Brian checking on the progress after lunch


The front yard carpentry shop run by gas generator


Brian replacing one of the last trim pieces for the windows


The Keepers Porch at the end of day 1

Our entertainment for the day was watching the many boats sailing by the island, it was such a perfect day to be on the water. Jealousy was a major feeling as we were working on land and the conditions for that perfect sail were all around us. We will have to live vicariously through the Salem area boaters.


After a long day’s work, most landlubbers would call for take out for dinner, but I don’t think any one would deliver out to Baker’s Island. I made a cast iron pan pizza from scratch, it was a Chicken BBQ pizza with cheddar cheese (I didn’t have any mozzarella). It was as good as any take out and made for an easy Sunday night dinner.
High tide: 8:52am
Low tide: 2:55pm
Sunrise: 5:05am
Sunset: 8:20pm
Man hours worked: 16
Total man hours worked: 93

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