Posted by: tflana | June 12, 2018

Day 2 of the Porch Makeover


Some color in the well garden

Some red flowers added to the well garden

Wow, today was a long work day but a lot was accomplished and the porch is looking much better. After breakfast, Brian got all the carpentry area set up again to finish replacing the rotted trim pieces and one more window sill. I finished sanding a section I realized I missed yesterday, vacuumed up the chips and dust, and got ready to prime the entire porch.


As the morning went on, the porch was starting to show some improvement. I guess sometimes things must look worse before they can look better, and trust me, last night I thought the entire project was a mistake. But now as the wood is painted white with the primer paint, it is starting to look great. Brian finished the carpentry by mid-morning and went on to replace one of the broken pieces of glass in the living room. As we were talking, I realized the reason there are missing panes of glass is because the glazing holding the glass in is crumbling away when you touch it. My decision is to hold off painting the porch windows themselves until I can scrape out the glazing and replace it, if I don’t there will be more broken glass by next spring. Add another thing to my to do list.


It did take me all day to finish priming the porch. Brian moved on to a few other projects. The boards on the porch to the kitchen are rotted. He spent most of his afternoon removing the rotted wood and has measurements for the replacement wood for when we go ashore next. His next project was to add pool noodles to the aluminum dinghy. When the dinghy and the Mako are on the mooring together, the dinghy bangs into the hull of the Mako and leaves scuff marks. This was a creative solution to a problem that was inexpensive and will last the season or maybe two. But it is an easy replacement for less than $10.
Low tide was in the afternoon which gave me a chance to beach walk and gather sea glass. This to me is my meditation, it is a silly thing to look for, a friend once said it is just glass and garbage but to me it is a small dose of beauty.


A giant leopard moth on the porch with us tonight

Our after-dinner porch time was spent looking through the open windows at the gorgeous views of Salem Sound. We hope as the porch comes together, our visitors will also use the porch as a place of rest while watching the ships go by. There was a visitor tonight that neither Brian nor I have seen before, a giant leopard moth. Its caterpillar stage is the wooly bear caterpillar, the black and orange fuzzy caterpillar that rolls up in a ball when you pick it up. I have seen these caterpillars my whole life growing up in New England but this was a first for the moth. It was about 2 inches long which research says is the male, the female is larger at 3 inches. Just another first at Baker’s Island.
High tide: 9:44am
Low tide: 3:47pm
Sunrise: 5:05am
Sunset: 8:21pm
Man hours worked today: 15
Total man hours worked: 108


  1. I don’t know the history of this place, but it’s sure benefiting from your and Brian’s efforts. The porch looks inviting, even unfinished. And I’m with you, Tara, on the beach glass.

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