Posted by: tflana | June 13, 2018

Yard Work is Never Done

Island Traffic

Todays island traffic

This morning we woke up to a high wind advisory but with sunny skies, and the advisory was correct. The wind consistently blew 20mph from the southwest and gusted to the 30’s throughout the day. The white caps and choppy seas had all the dinghies and small boats off the beach rocking and rolling. Honestly, as much as we don’t like rainy days, a little rain would go along way here on the island, everything is dry and dusty.
The plan for today was to get all the yard work done which includes weedwacking the trails back into submission. There is a lot of bittersweet out here and it grows out of control overnight. If we don’t cut it back along the trails I think the trail would grow over in less than a month! Brian started with the weedwhacker and I took the riding mower. It took us 5 hours each to get the 10 acres cut and looking presentable.


While Brian was down near the beach, he noticed a stone wall running along the beach in good condition but overgrown with bittersweet. He wanted to clear along the wall to see if led to anything fun. After about an hour of work, he found the cradles where the diesel tanks were kept. This is where the fuel would be stored for the use by the USCG when it was delivered by boat. So far, he cleared away 2 cradles. The other side of the steps where the wall is, it looks like it may have been the coal house/room, his goal is to clear that away as well over the next few days.


My afternoon project was to give the Oil House Door a facelift. I did not want to start the painting of the porch this late today, so I thought I would check off a few of the small projects on the list. While the first coat of paint was drying on the door, I went searching for any hatched seagulls. I found them everywhere, including the nest right near the walkway on the beach. This nest has 2 newly hatched babies with one egg to go. There were also freckled fuzzy balls all along the cliffs and rocks. It is almost like a ‘Where’s Waldo’ game looking for the hatchlings because they blend so well into the surrounding landscape.




Once the Oil House door was done, I took my paint supplies and painted the replaced clapboards on the Keepers House. It was still only mid-afternoon, and I already had all of the paint with me and I am somewhat impatient, so I decided to paint a short section of the porch just so I could see how it was going to look all done. And even though it was only partially done, the porch section looks great, what an improvement. Hopefully, tomorrow I will tackle the rest of it if the forecasted rain holds off.



High tide: 10:37am
Low tide: 4:36pm
Sunrise: 5:05am
Sunset: 8:21pm
Man hours worked today: 15
Total man hours worked: 133

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