Posted by: tflana | June 14, 2018

A mad dash ashore


Flowers are in bloom in the front garden

When I sit down to write the blog every day, I can usually recreate when Brian and I got accomplished by the pictures I took. However, I am downloading the pictures for the 13th and realize it looks like we didn’t do much of anything all day. This is far from the truth.
When we woke up this morning, we saw there was a 3-4 window with manageable winds before the storm from moved in over our area. If we didn’t make a quick trip to shore to the grocery store, our next opportunity would probably be on Monday, and at that point, I would have been out of half & half for my coffee, and no one wants that to happen! So once again, we head down to the beach with out backpacks and garbage to make the multistep trip to the mainland. Here is the procedure to insure me of having coffee everyday:
1. Make sure everything is locked up on the island and put the keys in a zippered pocket in the water proof bag
2. Make sure we leave the island with our car keys
3. Give Pickles a cookie and a kiss.
4. Walk down to the beach where Brian moves the aluminum dinghy to the water’s edge
5. Row the dinghy to the Mako on the mooring, this morning I got the pleasure.
6. Transfer everything into the Mako, including the dinghy oars.
7. I check the oil, turn on the battery, lower the engine, open up the chartplotter and start the engine.
8. Brian is responsible for dropping the mooring line and off we go!
9. It takes about 25 minutes to get into Salem Willows Yacht Club but today we needed to get gas for the Mako at Jubilee in Beverly which added extra time. Once full, we set off to SWYC to tie up at the dock for a quick trip to the grocery store.
10. Once, groceries are back on the Mako, repeat steps 1-8 in the reverse order!


We made it back to the island in less than 3 hours and it was a good thing because the clouds were filling in and the wind definitely picked up since this morning. Once we got the dinghy secured, we pulled the cart up to the house to get the groceries unloaded and let Ms. Pickles have some run around time before the rain starts.


The Wonder Wash, is it worth the effort?


Because of the time crunch we had to go ashore, the major laundry trip will be Monday. The island has a Wonder Wash machine and I figured I could try out a small load of cloths to get us through the weekend. Doing laundry on the boat while in the Bahamas, is done with a 5-gallon bucket and a plunger so how hard could the Wonder Wash be? In all honesty, it would have been easier to the laundry in a 5-gallon bucket! It did use very little water, and everything would have been very clean if I had realized Brian had a pair of socks in the pile with grass clippings on them, now all the clean laundry has little pieces of grass on them.
The afternoon never produced the heavy rain predicted, just an occasional fine mist. It kept me from painting, but I did get the interior of the porch cleaned up from the sanding and scraped paint chips from the outside project. I also spent some time on my paying job for the Annapolis Boat Shows, I try to fit in my work in the early morning or during the evening hours but today the weather gave me an excuse to work during the day. Brian spent the afternoon working on one of the lawnmowers to see why it won’t start and figuring out what part might be needed. Still not sure of the outcome of that project.


After dinner, I took Pickles to the beach for a little walk about. It was low tide and I was hoping there would be enough sand for her to play on, nothing makes her happier than running on a sandy beach. There was some sand but the small rocks were more than a 3 legged chihuahua could enjoy. The short time we were down there, I did find some green and blue sea glass and she got to run the path back to the house which finally exhausted her!
High tide: 11:29am
Low tide: 5:28pm
Sunrise: 5:05am
Sunset: 8:21pm
Man hours worked today: 5
Total man hours worked: 138

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