Posted by: tflana | June 15, 2018

Flag Day

This morning the flag was flying at 8am to help celebrate Flag Day on the island. The west wind allowed a perfect display of the stars & stripes for all to see.

Storm Clouds

Stormy weather

Today marked the completion of our second week on the island and we both agree it feels like home already. We are looking forward to visitors to the lighthouse as much as we love each other’s company, it will be nice to finally have new people to talk to and to show off the lighthouse and all the surroundings.


Another busy day for both of us. Brian set up a window glazing station in the front porch and started the slow process of scraping the crumbling glazing off the exterior of the windows and replacing with new. He also cut a piece of glass to fit the broken pane on the porch as well. He also set up the water system in the assistant keeper’s cottage for our first overnight guests this weekend. Everything seems to be working for the Saturday arrival. As Brian was working in the basement, I opened the windows in the cottage to air it out, took all the duvets outside to get some fresh air, and did a last minute clean up of dust bunnies. The forecast is great for this weekend for the party of 6 staying with us.


My project for rest of the morning is walking the trails and cutting back bittersweet and the mulberry bush seedlings, they are as invasive as the bittersweet. As I got to Norseman Point, I realized there looked to be an old path to the left of the point, and of course, I had my loppers and pruners with me, time to start cutting. When the USCG were on the island, there was a path that followed the edge of the cliffs and my hope is to try to clear it back to its original state, but it may need to wait until July when the mama seagulls are not as protective of their newly hatched babies.


After meeting back to the cottage for lunch, I knew it was time to get back to painting the porch. As I was gathering my painting supplies, I heard an engine, and sure enough, there goes Brian down to the beach on the ATV! He was the guy who biked to work year-round instead of driving and chose sailing over powerboating but now he is the guy who gets on an ATV to walk ¼ mile to the beach! How things change! It turns out he needed to adapt his cradle for the aluminum dinghy to keep it from sliding off the wheels when going down into the water.




My project for the afternoon was to get a first coat of green on the exterior of the porch. After looking at the historical pictures in the Assistant Keeper’s Cottage, I now know the porch was call the Sun Parlor by the Keepers when they built it in 1927. Sounds so La Di Da! I will try my best to from now on call it our sun parlor not the sun porch, but in 1927, the keepers had it right, it is a sunny spot all day long. By late afternoon, the green was on most of the porch, just not the higher up posts in the corners, I need to either set up the scaffolding or have Brian hold the ladder while I am balancing up there. I am happy how it is starting to come together. It will most likely take to the end of July for us to finish the inside/outside of the porch, especially now we are replacing the window glazing before painting them, but it will give visitors a beautiful place to sit and relax.


After dinner, I left Brian sitting in the sun parlor while I took Pickles for her nighttime walk to the beach and wherever her 3 legs want to take her. Because it was a new moon, there was a lower than normal low tide tonight and the sea glass hunting was at its finest! Light blue, dark blue and a large white piece with a hole in it. A successful beach trip as far as I was concerned.


High tide: 12:22pm
Low tide: 6:17pm
Sunrise: 5:05am
Sunset: 8:21pm
Man hours worked: 15
Total man hours worked: 153

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