Posted by: tflana | June 17, 2018

Baker’s Island Opening Day


Today was the official opening day of Baker’s Island for the season. There were 2 tours scheduled to arrive as well as 6 overnight visitors for the Assistant Keeper’s Cottage, and the weather was perfect for everyone’s adventure today.


Brian and I spent most of the morning making sure the cottage was all turned on and ready for guests, and we set up the yard for people to enjoy some games and, of course, amazing views. The first group was to arrive at the beach for 11am and we all went down with the carts to great the guests, and the summer truly began for the island.

Pickles and Tara

Pickles and I awaiting the first boat of guests

Heather and Dave had everyone disembark and start the historical tour almost immediately, while Brian and I helped the overnighters load their gear and head up to the Assistant Keeper’s Cottage. One of the fun touches I started last year on Seguin Island was to make sure there is fresh baked goodies when they arrive to snack on, and today the group had white chocolate macadamia cookies upon their arrival. I love sharing my baking with others.



The day continued with tours and questions from the guests, sharing information with everyone about our lifestyle and what it is like to live on the island, and of course, we hope we started others to dream of adding an adventure like ours to their lives. The waters around the island were full of boats, sail, fishing, and work boats. No matter where you looked the boats were 2 and 3 deep going by the island.


Brian made sure we had the sunset cannon ready for the overnight guests to experience sunset and the flag lowering for the day. Sunset was at 8:22pm and Brian yelled out ‘Fire in the Hole’, the cannon was shot off and we lowered the flag to a near perfect day on Baker’s Island. As we were getting ready to say goodnight, there were 3 different party barges going by the island, loud music, lots of laughter and plenty of lights. What a great way to start our summer season here on the island.




Party barge

The sunset party barge going by the island

Low tide: 7:49am
High tide: 2:09pm
Sunrise: 5:05am
Sunset: 8:22pm
Man hours worked today: 6
Total man hours worked: 169

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