Posted by: tflana | June 19, 2018

Rainy Days and Mondays

     It was decided today was going to be our day off this week. The wind predictions and heat warnings kept us from doing anything fun on shore, but we wanted to get groceries and laundry done, maybe even haircuts, and then come back to the island to enjoy the cool sea breeze instead of the 90 degrees predicted for Salem. Our morning was uneventful until we reached our van, the battery was dead! We knew we were going to need to replace it soon, but not this morning. Did I mention the van is parked in a very sunny parking area a long walk to anywhere? Brian walked back to the yacht club and asked if they might, just might, have a battery charger. Once again Salem Willows Yacht Club came through for us.

     While Brian was returning the battery charger, I was quickly searching for where we could get a new battery to start our morning off. As the morning progressed, both of us could only think about getting out of the heat and back to the island. Our morning turned into early afternoon, it was hot, and we were just a little cranky when we got back to the island around 2:30p. At this point, the winds were picking up, we got a little wet on the beach landing with the dinghy, but the eggs didn’t break, and the laundry was dry, so who were we to complain.

     Brian had far more ambition returning to the island than I did, he worked on glazing more windows and as the storm warnings kept going off on the phones, he put all the windows back into place to keep the porch dry. I lounged around knitting and watching a little Netflix.

Weather Channel Severe weather warning

The Weather Channel’s radar of the severe weather as it approaches Baker’s Island


     The approaching storm was impressive, and the island did receive much needed rain but Pickles was not happy with the amount of thunder banging around us. The one thing Brian loves is a good storm, he is still hoping a minor hurricane will hit while we are on island, but as quickly as the storm arrived by sunset the skies were bright and clearing.

After the storm sunset

How quickly things change, the skies are bright as sunset occurs


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