Posted by: tflana | June 20, 2018

     Today we started out with a plan to work through the early afternoon and then make a much-needed ice cream trip into Manchester by the Sea. The forecast was for strong NW winds this morning and was due to settle down by 2-3pm. It has been over a month since I had ice cream and it is becoming a serious craving at this point.


     Brian’s project today was to cut the wood for the kitchen porch, when we arrived the boards had rotted over time. When he dismantled the porch, there was tar paper below the boards, not allowing the collected moisture to go anywhere and a rubber matt was on top to wipe our feet as we entered the kitchen. Both caused the wood to act like a sponge and slowly rot away. I personally think Brian was tackling this job so he could play with the ATV again. I didn’t see all the pricewise cuts he needed to make but the finished project is a work of art! The final decision is to leave the tar paper out from underneath and prime all surfaces of the wood before doing the final install.

Mama Duck watching

The female mallard duck hanging out with me while I am painting

     My job for the morning was to complete the exterior green and white painting on half of the porch. The fun part of my morning is the wind was blowing around 20mph and every time I dipped the paint brush, the wind would catch the drips and I would find paint everywhere, including my hair. The wind was also playing havoc with my ladder, I sort of felt like a sail catching the wind when I was at the top of the ladder painting the top trim pieces. As I was painting, and the wind was blowing, I thought I saw a glimpse of movement behind me, but the sun was making it difficult to see what it was, maybe a ghost? No, it was actually one of the female mallard ducks wanting the fresh green growth around the front garden. She hung out with me for 15 minutes before heading back to the pond.


     As the morning turned into afternoon, the wind was not letting up. No ice cream for me again today. Brian invited me down to the beach to go sea glass and baby seagull hunting, my consolation prize! Maybe tomorrow after the volunteers head back to Salem, we can make a quick trip for ice cream.


Afternoon break in the sun parlor

This is our afternoon view on the sun parlor

Low tide: 10:30am
High tide: 5:58pm
Sunrise: 5:05am
Sunset: 8:23pm
Man hours worked today: 14
Total man hours worked: 202

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