Posted by: tflana | June 21, 2018

Volunteer Day



     Today the Baker’s Island volunteers are coming out to the island to help Brian and I with projects to improve the 10 acre compound and buildings. I came up with 3 areas to focus on today and hopefully, as a group we can make a big dent. The 3 areas are:
1.  The clearing of bittersweet from the campsite
2.  Making a viewing area at the duck pond
3.  Sanding, scraping and painting the windows on the sun parlor.

     The Naumkeag was to arrive at the beach around 9am and as it approached the beach, it stopped near the moorings and was floating around. It turns out, Heather Goss was the next Essex Heritage staff member to take the plunge for the fund-raising campaign going on for the end of the fiscal year. If the group raised $3,000, it was Heather’s turn to go in for a swim and today was her day. It seemed like a large production out on the water for her to jump in and it turns out she may have a small fear of sharks and perhaps Captain John was telling a few fibs about the likelihood of sharks in the cold Salem waters! Heather was a trooper and did finally jump in, next up will be Annie Harris, Essex Heritage’s Director. Annie won’t be going in until the fund reaches $5000, so if anyone would like to give to a great organization, visit for more information.


     As the volunteers walked up to the compound, we all discussed what I thought should be worked on today and we were all quickly at work. Most of the group went to the campsite to battle the bittersweet, thankfully, Nat with his chainsaw arrived today and the pile of cleared bittersweet began to take shape. Unfortunately, the wood chipper decided to take a day off from work today, another part to be ordered and brought out for the weekend. We also had 2 volunteers work on making a vista at the duck pond. I had imagined a small viewing area for the pond, which has ducks and beautiful lily pads, but they stepped it up a notch and made a beautiful walkway which brings you to the pond’s edge. This is going to be a great stop for the island tours. And of course, Roberta and I continued with the porch work, sometimes I don’t think I will ever be done with the porch!


     By 2:00pm we were done and done in! It was a brilliantly blue and sunny day and the group was getting a lot of hard work done, thank goodness for the cottonwood tree’s shady area for our breaks. Once they left, Brian and I were going to clean up and go for ice cream, but Ms. Pickles changed those plans.

     Pickles woke up this morning a little wobbly and not wanting to eat her breakfast. This is always a sign something is not right with her, she is a food hog! When we walked back into the cottage this afternoon, she had a distinct head tilt and could barely balance without falling over. I did some research on the local animal hospitals in Salem and was able to schedule an appointment for her tomorrow morning at 10. I hate seeing her like this when just yesterday she was her goofy self, running around like a maniac. The plan will be to leave the island tomorrow at 8:30a to make the trip with her to the vet.


Late afternoon clouds

Low tide: 11:30am
High tide: 5:58pm
Sunrise: 5:05am
Sunset: 8:23pm
Man hours worked today: 12
Total man hours worked: 214

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