Posted by: tflana | July 16, 2018

The end of another week

     The morning started out with my cup of coffee walking the low tide line looking for sea glass, this is one of the lowest tides I have seen since arriving in May. The sea glass hunting hasn’t been great lately, I think I need to stop telling visitors about it, maybe they are wiping the supply out and is now becoming an endangered species! As always, the beach babies were there to provide extra entertainment, always willing to pose for the perfect shot, they are now 34 days old.

Once everyone was awake, we started out rescuing one of the game balls from under the gardening shed for our 2 little overnight guests. It is fun trying to get an object from under a dark shed with advice given from 3 different parties and Brian completed the task without complaint. As we wrapped up this rescue the first tour group of the day was due to arrive. This group included a few VIP’s coming to the island. Beth and Heather from Essex Heritage brought out 2 ladies researching ideas on educational programs on the island for children. Also, in this group was an artist who was hoping to bring a group out to paint different aspects of the land and historical features. I think we could have take all day to show them all this 10 ½ acres has to offer, instead, we got it done in 90 minutes with a raspberry snack along the way.

Benches Finished

One of the two completed benches made from scrap wood. Painted and ready to be put to use by visitors this coming week

     The short time between tours, we sat down for a quick lunch and went back to our task list. We are now just about 2 weeks from leaving the island and we want to make sure all our jobs we started are completed. I needed to get a few more coats of paint on the new benches, Brian wanted to take all the security camera wires on the sun porch and enclose them in pvc conduit to keep the wires from damage and to improve how it all looked as well. The painting did not take very long, and my next project was the destruction of the cement porch on the Assistant Keeper’s House that goes nowhere.



   The existing platform porch is useless, but the plan is to build a deck in this area and change the window to a functioning door. The hope is the room the new door will lead to will be a small museum for Baker’s Island Light. But before a deck can be built, the cement platform needs to be about 6 inches shorter and this is where my love for destruction comes in. I found a small sledge hammer, pry bar and safety glasses and let the destruction begin. Once I was able to break through a small area in the cement, I realized a box was built and filled with beach rocks, then cement was poured over the rocks to create the flat surface. This made the project a little easier because if I moved out the beach rocks from under the cement, the cement cracked and broke away much easier. But I needed to take a break to go great the second tour today at the beach, but this should be done in less than 2 days.

     The afternoon tour was a fun group and the skies started to clear to a bright blue while they were here, Baker’s Island always looks better in blue! At 4pm, all the visitors were on their way back to Salem. I would be lying if I didn’t say when 4 pm rolled by and waved the group goodbye, we both had our first chance to relax fully since Thursday morning. We had 3 sets of overnight guests and 5 different tours of guests arrive this week, and we finally had the space to ourselves, ahhhh!


     We let Pickles run around for a long time, not worrying she would be bothering anyone. She was being silly in her crooked head way tonight. Her happiness and resilience in life will always bring a smile to me. And after dinner, Brian and I decided we would sit up in the tower for the sunset and an end to another busy week here on Baker’s Island. And just like in yesterday’s blog, I would normally end the blog with the sunset, but tonight’s skies kept giving us a treat to see. Over the skies of Salem, the crescent moon was shining brightly with Venus shining brightly close by, and shortly before midnight, the fog rolled in and the fog horn started blasting. This time the fog horn went off for the dense fog and not just heavy rain (I am writing this post on Monday morning and the fog horn is still sounding every 30 seconds and the fog advisory is in effect until 9am, hope no one minds the horn).

Tower Selfie

Our happy place to watch the sunset, on the gallery decks of Pa Baker


Low tide: 7:30am
High tide: 1:50pm
Sunrise: 5:20am
Sunset: 8:18pm
Man hours worked: 12
Total man hours worked: 428

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