Posted by: tflana | July 18, 2018

Stormy Weather

     The forecast today was for unsettled weather this afternoon and since we took yesterday off for a fun day, we needed to get to work on our chores. We also know this coming weekend is going to be jam packed with a special tour on Thursday called Wild Edibles, 3 sets of overnight guests, 10 reenactment campers starting on Friday night, and 5 short tours as well. Not much time from Thursday on to get anything done but to answer questions and show how great the island is to everyone.


Two simple tasks for me this morning was to paint one more coat of gray onto the benches, so they can find their permanent home for the weekend. Once this was done, I took the weedwhacker to the new path along the property line and finished the upkeep there as well.Brian making use of the new bench
Brian was heading out to install the last 2 storm windows on the Assistant Keeper’s House when I asked him to pump up the tire in my cart I was using for the porch demolition project. This send him on a distracted line of work, he patched the 2 tires with flats, double checked all the lawn equipment for oil & gas, then realized since the compressor was out anyway, he would check the water pump pressure in the AKH, the shower is literally a few drops per minute from the shower head. While he was adjusting the water pressure to match the parameters in the Keeper’s House, I went to work on day 2 of cement porch demolition!


My goal was to get this demolition done today and finish moving the debris where it should go, the cement crumbles are going down to the ramp at the beach to fill in the drainage system Brian started, and the many beach rocks found will go to the duck vista walkway leading to the pond. After about 2 hours of hammering and prying, the porch is ready for a new deck to be built! Brian finished with the water pressure with success and came to help me move the buckets of debris down to the beach. While I was done there, the beach babies were spreading their wings like they were trying to fly, no one left the ground, but they are getting closer. I was also a little concerned because I could only find 2 of the 3 babies, they have provided so much entertainment for me for the past 7 weeks, I can’t imagine not having all 3 see us off at the end of the month. Hopefully, he was just taking a relaxing nap in the shrubs.

The Beach Baby spreads his wings, sill cant fly

The Beach Baby spreads his wings but still can not take flight


The charter vessel Fame just off the beach

  As we got back up to the house, the clouds were filling in and thunder was rumbling from the mainland. I kept loading the cart with rocks from the porch until suddenly, a torrential downpour hit. As we ran in to close windows, the wind picked up and the skies turned into something from a scary movie. Once we changed into dry clothes, we watched the storm from the sun parlor for the rest of the afternoon. The best part of the sun parlor is depending on which way the wind is blowing, some windows can stay open for fresh air, while the other windows are getting drenched. There were a few lightening strikes on island, which were spectacular to watch if no damage or fire results from them. The fog horn started up again for the rest of the evening as each front passed through with rain and fog.

Raining out

Watching the rain from an open window on the porch

Torrential rain enjoyed from the sun parlor

The wind was coming from the north and the wind was coming down hard against the windows


Low tide: 9:15am
High tide: 3:39pm
Sunrise: 5:21am
Sunset: 8:17pm
Man hours worked: 13
Total man hours worked: 441

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