Posted by: tflana | July 21, 2018

New Friends Everyday

     Today was a fun day on island for many reasons, we got a lot of work done, a gorgeous location, perfect weather and became friend with many of our guests. The people who come out on Naumkeag want to be here on the island, no one is made to endure the 3-hour tour! The first step the guests take on the beach from the boat, we are already greeted with smiling people who have waited to visit Baker’s Island for years and now they are here.

Stephen Rook Family

The Rook Family Picture in my favorite photo spot for a family picture, at the foundation/stone wall of the old barn

The Rook Family were finishing their overnight visit with us today and they absorbed every possible moment on the island. It turns out, Stephen’s grandfather was an Assistant Keeper here during the WWII era in the 1940’s. Stephen did his best to imagine he was walking in his grandfather’s steps around the island, and maybe even had slept in the same bedroom he did over 75 years ago. The Rook’s also used this visit as a mini family reunion, their niece who now lives in England, surprised them at Logan Airport and caught up with her family after not seeing them for 3 ½ years. Oliver, one of the Stephen’s sons, drew a picture of Pa Baker and left it for us on the kitchen table, an amazing artist for only 9 years of age! There were many hugs and promises to be back next year as the family started their journey off island back to Panama!

Oliver Rooks Picture of Pa Baker

A picture drawn by a 9 year old as a thank you for his stay on the island, he even included the solar panels!

Rook Family Leaving

The Rook family leave to start their trip back to Panama and England

     Tonight’s overnight guests were 2 brothers originally from Marblehead, both had been to the island before as guests of the home owners and Nate had volunteered when Essex Heritage first started work on the buildings out here. He loves how much has changed since he was out here a few years ago and is happy to see Annie Harris’s dream come true. Once having a chance to get to talk with them a little, it turns out Nate and I both went to Tabor Academy in Marion, granted he graduated 22 years after me but many of our teachers and advisors were still the same. I am a firm believer in talking and asking questions because the theory of 7 degrees of separation is usually true, but electronic devices stop us from figuring out our connections to the world.

Finished Utility Ramp at Beach

The finished utility ramp to the beach to help pull up supplies and guest’s belongings with the cart and ATV

Utility ramp or playground for beach babies

Or it the utility ramp a seagull playground or runway for flight practice?

Brian and I did get some work done today as well. Brian finished the utility ramp at the beach to enable the ATV cart to move easily down to the beach and hopefully, back up again. Personally, I think he built a playground or take off runway for the beach babies. The ramp was incredibly useful when the Interpretive Campers/Dancers arrived on the island just before sunset tonight. The group will be here throughout the weekend as turn of the 20th century characters. They arrived with a lot of supplies and equipment and if the ATV and the 2 carts were not on the island, we all maybe still carrying bags up the hill after sunset.


Brian did decide to set off the sunset cannon tonight, the brothers were on the plateau with their cameras and drone for the sunset experience. They asked Brian if they could be the ones to take the flag down at sunset, and the quick pictures I took are some of my favorite from the day.


Low tide: 12 noon
High tide: 6:24pm
Sunrise: 5:23am
Sunset: 8:14pm
Man hours worked: 13

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